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Puretec Water Analysis Test Kit - WTEST-KIT1

by Puretec
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The answer to what's in YOUR water!

The first step to designing a water treatment solution is to understand what contaminants are in your water. The Puretec analysis kit has been designed to make this process easy, simply take a water test sample, use the prepaid shipping bag to return it to Puretec and you will be provided with the analysis & recommended solutions.

The water test will test for the 14 most common contaminants found in water including:

pH, conductivity, TDS, total hardness, total iron, silica, nitrate, total manganese copper, chlorine, sodium, total alkalinity, fluoride & sulphates. While Puretec don't directly test for bacteria as it can constantly change, it will covered in the recommendations.

Puretec will then recommend the optimal water filtration solution for your house or property, based on the test outcomes.

Covers ALL water sources!

• Groundwater (Bores & Well)
• Surface water (River/Stream/Dam)
• Rainwater
• Mains Water / Town Water
• Other Water Sources

5 EASY steps:

1. Fill the sample bottle from your tap and close the lid tightly.
2. Complete the form and seal it inside the plastic bag.
3. Repackage all the items in the box and place them in the provided pre paid shipping bag.
4. Puretec will complete the test within five (5) working days from the date the sample is received.
5. The fully comprehensive lab test results and recommended water filtration solutions will be sent to you via email.

Our Free Water Test Fulfillment Offer

If you choose to purhase a whole house filter system through us, we will deduct the full price of this test kit - $139 - from your system. We will also offer a great price, prompt service and deliver it straight to you as well as answer any further questions we can help with. The only thing you will need to do is source a plumber capable of installing the Puretec recommended filtration system. This gives you fantastic value, peace of mind and comprehensive knowledge of your water supply, plus the filtration system specific to your needs.


• Empty water sample bottle
• Water testing form
• Prepaid return post package for shipping of the water sample through Australia Post (AU)
• Sealed plastic bag
• Absorbent material
• User guide

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