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BoreSafe Blast 98 - High Performance Bore Cleaning Granules

BoreSafe Blast 98 - High Performance Bore Cleaning Granules


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20 times stronger than BoreSafe BLAST5
The BoreSafe™ BLAST98 dissolves and removes iron deposits and stains in bores that haven’t been regularly maintained or have high levels of iron. This product is 20 times stronger than BoreSafe BLAST5 and is designed to blast away even the toughest iron contamination in bores and it can also be used to remove iron staining on surfaces.

Iron Build-up Bore Cleaner
High levels of iron in bore water are quite common and the effects this can have on pumps and pipework often go unnoticed until there is a problem with the flow or the quality of the water. This in turn means that by the time the consumer seeks treatment the iron can develop into severe deposits that build up in the bore and also in the associated pumps and pipework. This reduces the flow of water out of the bore and puts unnecessary strain on the pump and reduces its lifespan considerably.

BoreSafe BLAST98 was designed specifically for applications where there are older and more entrenched iron deposits that need a more powerful product that can quickly dissolve the incrustation while still protecting valuable equipment including pumps.

The BoreSafe BLAST98 can also be used to clean iron staining from brick or concrete surfaces.

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